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    Truck Repair Boston MA

    Welcome to Diesel Repair Pros, your full-service specialized mechanic that offers mobile service anywhere in Boston, Greater Boston and much of Eastern Mass. Great service, great prices, honest work, and skilled mechanics are what make our diesel repair services the best in the biz. Get an expert quote today for any of our specialized services.

    Mobile Diesel Mechanic Boston ma

    Diesel Mechanic Services We Provide

    Efficiency and durability have driven the commercial trucking business for decades. That's not changing any time soon, and truckers know that these diesel engines will keep the transit industry moving. But what happens when one of the resilient machines takes an adverse turn? We know that your top priority is getting your truck or heavy equipment running. So, we make that our priority too.

    Our diesel mechanics handle a massive range of repair services — everything from overhauling engines to electrical system corrections. Any experienced diesel mechanic will have a wide variety of tools and tricks at their disposal to get you up and running again.

    ​When choosing the right diesel mechanic for your truck, be sure to consider experience and mobility. Experience is always a high-prize, but if you can't get your truck to the shop, then there's no point. A mobile diesel mechanic in Boston can help you repair even from the roadside. Working with diesel mechanics goes beyond taking your car into the shop and leaving it for a few days. Diesel mechanics most often work with trucks, must be able to work roadside, and must deliver efficiency as well as quality.

    Diesel Repair Pros delivers on all of these requirements. Our team of well-trained, experienced, and resourceful staff will do everything possible to get you on the road again. We work with top of the line diagnostic equipment and perform roadside services.

    Truck AC Repairs

    Truck Battery Replacements

    Truck Computer Diagnostics

    Truck Brakes

    Driveshaft Repair


    Alternator Repairs / Servicing

    Electrical / Wiring / Lights


    Suspension Repair / Service

    Mobile Welding Service

    Mobile Heavy Duty Equipment Repair

    Our Service Is Mobile

    Why spend a fortune on getting your truck, tractor trailer or heavy duty equipment towed for service when we can come right to where you are! Convenient, experienced, with all the tools for the job. That's why you need to call us first for your go-to mobile diesel mechanic repair services.

    Diesel Technicians Boston ma

    Truck Mechanic Services Boston MA

    As your mobile Diesel Truck Mechanic, our company operates locally with local owners and is proud of its Boston heritage. Our team is exceptionally knowledgeable, trained, and we build our mechanics up with diverse experience. With this combination, we can confidently provide services for any roadside need.

    We provide something unique to the diesel community a mobile service which operates around the clock. Regardless of the time, or day of the week, we will have someone to you quickly who is ready and capable. Don't waste time and a substantial amount of money on towing your oversized truck. Instead, we bring the repair shop to the road.

    Our Diesel Mechanics Boston service offers commercial drivers a convenient alternative to towing your truck into the shop. Instead, work with a local mechanic, one who knows diesel inside and out, and will work roadside.  Our focus is always on getting your truck working, meeting safety standards, and working quickly. Providing a convenient and proficient option to any diesel driver, Diesel Repair Pros should be your first call for any necessary repair. ​

    Specialized Mechanic Services

    Truck Mechanic Boston ma

    Unlike years ago, when systems were direct and straightforward, mechanic services now mean something very different. Diagnostics nearly always depend on a handheld computer. Electronics are the primary base of most repairs. Our team is up to date on all changes within the industry as part of that our technicians are top-notch in both diagnostic and repair services.

    From engine repair to trailer repair we do it all. When working roadside or in the shop, we provide a full explanation of our troubleshooting or diagnosis methods. Then we come to you with the repairs we suggest. Diesel Repair Pros offers repairs for every aspect of a diesel truck’s needs.

    Trailer and truck repair services can sometimes have drivers waiting for hours or even days. Our techs aim to start the diagnosis and begin repairs as quickly as possible. When there are concerns with parts replacements, we will always approach you with options and keep you up to date on any developments. Fortunately, many parts distributors and manufacturers have diesel parts available.

    Finding the right truck repair service in Boston isn’t a challenge. Contact Diesel Repair Pros in Boston with your concern and repair needs for immediate servicing.

    Diesel Engine Repair Boston MA

    Your standard ACE certified mechanic will have a base knowledge for handling diesel. That does not mean that they're the best-qualified individual to put on your engine repair. When you take a standard mechanic on for your diesel servicing, you'll pay more in labor than you can imagine. When mechanics go long periods without working on a diesel, they need more time to ease back into the nuances of handling these types of vehicles.

    A specialized diesel mechanic does not have to worry about going from one system to another. They focus on only diesel electronics, engines, and additional repairs. We focus exclusively on making repairs for diesel vehicles. Truck drivers know always to call a specialized diesel mechanic. Average drivers that own a diesel vehicle, however, may feel that it's best left with an ordinary mechanic.

    When handling engine repair, there is no comparison between the two. You need someone who operates on diesel engines exclusively. Remove the possibility of wasted time spent trying to transpose their knowledge of a standard engine for a diesel. Eliminate the chance of mishandling because the mechanic was inexperienced. Hire a mechanic that you feel is right for the job, someone who specializes in diesel repair. 

    Diesel engine maintenance is one aspect of Diesel Repair Pros services. Our team works with engines on a routine basis. Each of our mechanics is capable of handling an engine repair with competence. When you are having engine troubles, call our Diesel mechanic in Boston. ​​

    Diesel Truck Roadside Assistance Boston

    For many repairs, our team can work roadside. As a reliable and well-respected shop within the community, we provide truck operators with 24/7 access to roadside assistance and on-site diesel repairs.

    We initiated the mobile truck repair opportunity in Boston as we knew that our team could handle many repairs outside of the shop. Truck roadside assistance is not a new concept, but we stand out by ensuring that our team uses the most modern and productive techniques in the industry.

    Our staff arrives at your truck with the tools and know-how to make the repairs on-site and quickly. As a mobile truck mechanic in Boston, you can call Diesel Mechanics and Repair Pros in Boston MA for tune-ups, suspension services, engine trouble, brake work, and trailer repairs.

    After making the call, a specialized diesel mechanic will show up roadside to diagnose and repair your truck. ​

    Mobile Diesel Mechanic Boston ma

    Heavy Equipment Mobile Repair Service

    Mobile Diesel Mechanic Boston ma

    Heavy equipment comes with its struggles of handling and repair. You need a mechanic that can do both. Heavy equipment mobile repair with Diesel Repair Pros helps companies keep their heavy equipment in working condition. Our mechanics respond to worksites and roadside. Providing operators and owners with a clear explanation of the necessary repair.

    After explaining the necessary repair and obtaining any needed parts, we will get right to work. With skilled heavy equipment mechanics, Diesel Repair Pros corrects problems on-site. Our team regularly works with vehicles which haul equipment, commercial-grade mining equipment, and even excavators. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your equipment. ​

    Commercial Truck Repair / Fleet Service Boston MA

    Our Diesel repair company services fleet vehicles throughout Boston. As a fleet service mechanic, we know that your needs are unique to your business. Fleets come in all variety of strength, size, and vehicle mix.

    We provide fleet managers with yearly inspections, tune-ups, and maintenance to keep your fleet vehicles lasting for years. Additionally, we ensure your fleet with the services and parts necessary. When something goes wrong, you can call us, and we’ll be sure to provide the repair. You won’t receive a referral to another shop or find your fleet mechanic unable to complete any job. Diesel repair pros relies on a team of mechanics with a variety of experience and knowledge.

    When you take us on as your fleet mechanics, we will work with you to provide a realistic time table and to schedule regular repairs. Taking your direction, we can ensure that your fleet is as secure as possible at all times. That means rotating vehicles for preventative maintenance and making repairs as necessary.

    Our fleet maintenance program stars with a checklist. The checklist will provide our professional technicians with guidance on when to perform preventative maintenance. Following preventative maintenance, our mechanics will provide inspection results and take note of any driver-reported issues as well. ​

    Why Choose Us

    As a diesel mechanic in Boston, we aim to provide much more than the standard service that people expect. Our team goes above and beyond on every job. We work with our mechanics to ensure that they can diagnose and repair together.

    Because of our experience working with diesels and the needs of diesel drivers, we provide a mobile mechanic service. Our fast response and long-standing reputation of quality, we are the go-to option for diesel drivers in Boston. Our mechanics work with diesel engines daily, and they provide road services regularly. We take on jobs from trailer repair to electrical repair and parts replacement.

    For any roadside repair, heavy equipment needs or fleet vehicle maintenance, call Diesel Repair Pros; Boston’s established, locally owned, and locally operated diesel mechanic. ​