Mobile Truck Repair Service Boston MA

A broken-down truck or trailer can set your schedule back by days. If you’re struggling with a truck or any heavy equipment, that needs servicing you need to call for any roadside repair. Heavy equipment needs or fleet vehicle maintenance, call Diesel Repair Pros.

Please find below details of the types of services we offer as part of our mobile diesel mechanic company.

Mobile Diesel Mechanic Boston

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    Diesel Truck Repair Service

    Semi Truck Repair Boston

    Diesel truck repair encompasses much more ground than most people initially consider. First mechanics service everything under the hood. Second, they provide repairs for the trailers attached as well. Finally, they must carefully handle everything within the cab. Diesel trucks have come a long way in recent years.

    The changes to electronics and other additions have made these durable machines in need of repair fairly often. Electrical problems, suspension issues, and more all fall into the umbrella of diesel truck repair.

    Diesel Repair Pros in Boston Massachusetts also offers roadside truck repair to help diesel truck drivers get right to work. From big-rigs to two-axle diesel trucks, we can provide any repairs that you need.

    Big Rig Mechanic / Tractor Trailer Mechanic

    Big Rigs are legends of the road. They’re meant for long hauls with engines that should last through many hundreds of thousands of miles. That doesn’t mean that they’re never without need for repair though. A tractor-trailer or Big Rig mechanic should work quickly and with safety in mind. A diesel truck repair may impede on your business, and if it’s not done immediately, then it may mean you’re behind on hours or production.

    A diesel mechanic in Boston can resolve your repair needs right away. Contact Diesel Mechanic Boston for roadside assistance, day or night. We know that your Big Rig or trailer is your livelihood. Not only do you need a skilled mechanic, but you need someone available. Our offices can help you immediately.

    Diesel Engine Repair Service

    Because of recent developments working on diesel engines has become more complex than ever before. Engine design and construction changes, while other components are impacting the engines as well.

    As part of diesel engine repair, we use only the latest techniques and tools. Keeping a massive variety of tools available any mechanic responding to your call has everything they need to make the necessary repairs.

    Regardless of what is wrong with your engine, we can diagnose and repair it. Our mechanics aim to keep your downtime to an absolute minimum. If you’ve heard loud noises, seen smoke, or noticed that something isn’t quite right, call Diesel Repair Pros right away. Our roadside crew can respond to your location quickly to begin diagnosing the problem. ​

    Truck Engine Overhaul / Rebuild

    Our diesel engine repair service combines state-of-the-art tools with the prowess of a trustworthy and experienced mechanic. Any diesel vehicle should expect to have a long life. However, it’s not unheard of that they will need an engine overhaul or rebuild.

    Rebuilding an engine relies on specialist diesel mechanics. Opting for rebuilding can also save money and time. Waiting for a new engine to come in may severely impact your schedule, whereas the rebuilding process can begin right away.

    Keep in mind when looking for the right mechanic for your engine that they are unlike a standard gas engine. Not only do you need a mechanic with the proper ASE certification, but you also need someone who works with diesels frequently. ​

    Diesel Technicians Boston ma

    Truck AC Repair

    Sitting in a stuffy cab is terrible, but sitting in a cab where the air is feeding you nothing but the hot wind is worse. When your A/C unit isn’t working correctly, there’s no way to be comfortable. Truck A/C repair may not be on the top of everyone’s priority list. But companies should know that their drivers won’t be happy or productive without it. Additionally, driving in rough conditions without an A/C can be dangerous.

    Keep your heating and A/C units in peak condition. Our mechanics are familiar with how these massive A/C systems work. They will quickly inspect your air conditioner, compressor, and evaporate. During their inspection, they’ll carefully survey the system for leaks, damage, and wear. ​

    Truck Transmission Repair & Rebuild

    Repair, replacement, or rebuilding of transmission can take a substantial amount of time. Transmissions provide diesel trucks with their power and fuel efficiency. Without a properly working transmission, your truck won’t be going anywhere. If your transmission locks or you have trouble with your gears contact Diesel Repair Pros immediately. Transmission work may take time, but our mechanics can have the job finished quickly and with outstanding results. ​

    Truck Battery Replacement / Truck Jumpstart Service

    Truck batteries go out, it’s inevitable. For roadside assistance, contact your locally owned, Boston diesel mechanic. We dispatch technicians around the clock to help diesel truck drivers with battery replacements or jumpstarts. ​

    Truck Computer Diagnostics

    Using electronic systems and relying on microprocessors has made it more critical than ever for diesel mechanics to stay ahead of the industry’s changes. Our team use laptops and hand-held diagnostic tools to assess the repair thoroughly before diving in for a more in-depth look.

    As a mobile diesel truck mechanic, we use the best tools available to help diagnose computer problems accurately.

    Diesel Starter Repairs

    Diesel Repair Pros provides starter repairs with precision. If you’ve noticed your truck lights up but won’t do much else, call in a mechanic. Other symptoms that you need starter repairs include your engine not cranking, a loud clicking sound when attempting to start the car or smoke coming from the hood. ​

    Truck Brakes Service and Repairs

    The most important aspect of safety when it comes to being on the road. Diesel trucks typically have more power and less stopping ability. You must regularly inspect your bakes. If you haven’t had an inspection lately, you can schedule one now. Our mobile diesel mechanic in Boston provides full-service brake repairs and assessment. ​

    Driveshaft Repair Service

    Trouble turning, maybe you feel a little shudder or vibrations from under your truck. These are all things that can go unnoticed in a diesel truck. They are also the symptoms of a bad driveshaft. Have your driveshaft looked at today to ensure that there’s nothing amiss with your truck? ​


    Diesel differentials work in different ways, and you need a mechanic that knows what they’re handling. Contact Diesel Mechanic Boston for differential repairs and rebuilds. ​

    Truck Electrical Wiring, Truck Lighting Repairs

    Any diesel truck mechanic will be able to tell you that the recent updates in electronics have led to waves of electrical repairs. Whether it’s lighting in the cab, wiring, or general electrical maintenance, we can fix it. ​

    Alternator Repairs & Servicing

    Electrical issues might be a sign of a larger problem, your alternator. Alternator repairs may be vital to get you working again. Contact us today for roadside assistance or to schedule a repair now. ​

    Injector Repairs

    The injector system on diesels does need occasional servicing. Injector repairs will include cleaning and replacement.

    Suspension Service and Repairs

    Issues with ride comfort often come from suspension problems. To keep your rig going, have your suspension serviced regularly.

    Tire Repairs and Replacement

    Tire problems happen, and they can put you hours behind schedule. Call an experienced mechanic to repair or replace your tires roadside.

    Mobile Welding

    In addition to our mechanic services, we provide mobile welding services as well. Our mobile welders work on your job site, or even on the roadside.

    Heavy-Duty Equipment Repair

    Our mechanics use their wealth of experience with the latest tools to complete equipment repairs wholly and quickly. When first arriving, our technicians will provide a diagnostic to identify the cause of the trouble accurately. Then the mechanic will get to work either repairing the problem or replacing any necessary parts. ​